Land & Planning

Land & Planning

Legacy Properties has a proud history of creating luxurious modern living spaces in stunning coastal and countryside locations.  Our team has many years experience in the property industry and working with land owners, developers and agents to successfully source and development land opportunities into stunning new homes and communities. We are particularly interested in medium to large scale distinctive developments and high-quality mixed-use schemes and will partnership through the purchase and planning process.

Legacy properties is always searching for the best quality land. If you have unused or unwanted land that has potential for a residential development, we are always interested. Our goal is to develop premium homes on the top-quality land. At legacy properties we are always eager to hear from landowners and/or their agents and find out if their land as the potential to be turned into the very best residential development.


The initial step is contacting us and tell us all the details of your land. After the land has been identified by our team at legacy an online evaluation will take place, which will then be followed by a site meeting.

If after the process of the land assessment has been completed and we see potential in your land, there will then be a discussion regarding the options available to you. At this stage its up to you to decide if you wish to proceed, if you do the next step is for us to prepare a legal agreement detailing our purchase offer. When the agreement is in place, the last step is for us to work towards unlocking the value of your land.

If you are interested in discussing land opportunities, please email or call 01637 330 020.

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