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Every Legacy home includes a two year warranty and a ten year NHBC warranty for complete peace of mind.

For the first two years, Legacy will repair defects that are not general wear and tear or maintenance issues in line with NHBC guidelines. After this time, NHBC will provide insurance protection for specific defects up to 10 years after completion.



Buildmark is a joint agreement between registered builders/ developers and NHBC to provide warranty and insurance protection on newly built homes, from exchange of contracts up to a maximum period of 10 years after completion.

There are certain standards that can be expected. The NHBC issues technical guidance to its inspection and claims staff, as well as to us, to help explain what is acceptable and
what is not. You can find this in Chapter 9.1 of the NHBC Standards booklet.

Please refer to the NHBC ‘Guide to your new home’ and ‘Your guide to Buildmark’ booklets, your policy document and the NHBC website for more information about your NHBC Buildmark warranty and insurance protection.


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